Other Stuff

Q.  What is the purpose of
A. It's my personal webspace, mostly for hosting images.

Q. Where did the name for come from?
A. That's a long story, but it mostly involves me being denied the original surname for my first character on EverQuest (I wanted DarkFang, but it denied it for whatever reason.) Being a newb I didn't know you could petition to have a GM set the name for you, so after several denied surname attempts, I eventually just changed the N in surname to a b, and it took it. Thus Surbane.

Q. I see a glitch/typo/broken link/I want to suggest something! Why do you not have an email posted?
A. Use the links in my personal section to contact me about it. My emails get enough spam as it is from spambots.

Q. Who are you really?
A. Nobody important!

Q. I see you play various games! Can I have your gaming info?
A. Maybe. Contact me with one of the links on my personal page, and we'll see.

Q. Do you need staff for
A. Nope.

Q. Your layout/site/whatever sucks! Do something about it!
A. Don't look at it, then you won't have to worry about it~

Q. Your screenshots aren't loading!
A. Click the word SCREENSHOTS. It should take you to a gallery for that game.


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